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A person’s home is not only the biggest investment they’ll likely make in their lifetime, but it houses the most precious possessions they have: their family members. The roof of a home is its first line of defense, and if a roof goes into disrepair, the entire structure of the house can quickly become compromised and the home can become unsafe to live in. When it’s time for new roofing, Pampa, Texas residents should not procrastinate. Protect your investment and your family by taking care of roofing problems promptly.

When you need a new roof, you can trust the team at Ammons Roofing to get the job done right. Give us a call at (806) 669-7777 to schedule a free professional roof estimate!

Some Things Homeowners Can Do

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Here at Ammons Roofing, we strive to save our customers the expense of a full roof replacement whenever possible. If there is a viable, less costly option for restoring a roof to full working order, that’s what we’ll do. Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable that a roof needs replacement, and when that’s the case you can count on us to do a topnotch job.

Once we’ve finished your new roof, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to help prolong its life. We offer the follow maintenance tips to help keep your roof in tiptop shape:

• At least twice a year or any time there has been a severe storm, inspect for cracked, damaged or missing shingles.
• Make sure your attic is properly insulated to prevent potential damage.
• Check your roof for sagging areas, which are an indication of problems with the decking beneath the shingles.
• Keep your drainage system clean and free of debris and make sure water is being properly diverted away from your house.
• Make sure the coverings around any skylights or vent pipes show no signs of cracking or wear-and-tear.

We are highly attentive to sound safety practices when our technicians are inspecting a roof, and we’re just as concerned about the safety of our customers. To keep yourself safe when inspecting your own home roof, make sure you use a proper ladder, and let others know you will be on the roof. Our team of professionals is also at your service to provide these types of maintenance inspections if you are not comfortable attending to them yourself.

Let’s work together to keep your roof properly maintained for a long, worry-free life! Call us today at (806) 669-7777 to schedule an inspection or for help creating a routine maintenance plan for your roof.

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When you need a roof installation or re-roofing project completed, the Ammons Roofing crew will get the job done right. We bring more than 20 years of experience to each job along with a skilled crew of technicians who are vastly knowledgeable in fixing and installing all types of roofs.

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