Building Inspections Pampa TX


Are you in need of professional building inspection services? If you are located in or near Pampa, Texas, Ammons Roofing is here to help. Our company has been serving happy customers in Pampa and other areas of Texas for over 20 years. We offer premium service and a strong knowledge for identifying defects or other issues in your building envelope.

Ammons Roofing uses thermal imaging, which is an advanced method that allows us to locate anomalies or problems within your building envelope in an efficient manner that isn’t invasive or destructive, due to the no-contact advantage it employs. We can help you detect issues early on before they cost you more money. This also helps to prevent building component fails, which can cause property damage and extensive, costly construction work.

Thermal Building Inspections

Building inspections can include intrusive measures in order for a detailed analysis. This can include pulling up roof covering on a roofing system in order to inspect it for entrapped moisture. However, with our thermal imaging, we can avoid these problems all together. On top of that, our thermal imaging technology also offers these advantages:

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• Identify hard-to-see issues
• Get updated building envelope assessment
• Locate moisture issues or other roofing-related troubles
• Find deficiencies from air infiltration
• Determine areas of poor insulation/sealing in envelope
• Find electrical issues or other fire hazards
• Complete energy surveys of building

One of the leading causes of increases in energy costs is air infiltration, which we can detect with our inspections. With our help, we can locate locate where this is occurring, which will save you from spending money in unknown problems. You will also be able to find roof damage early on before it becomes too costly. To experience these advantages, give us a call today!

Professional Building Inspection Services


Ammons Roofing can perform infrared inspection for many different applications:

• Facility energy surveys
• Roofing system inspections
• Building envelope assessments
• Roof advisory & consultation services

Whatever solutions your roofing system needs, Ammons Roofing can help. We will help determine the best solutions to your roof’s unique needs. Give us a call today for more information or to request an on-site roof analysis.

Professional Building Inspection Services

Ammons Roofing offers over 20 years of strong experience and knowledge. Our team will ensure that your facility is cost-efficient, well-insulated, and well-secured. If you have any questions or inquires about our service, don’t hesitate to call us.

For more information, or to request a facility inspection, call us today at 806.669.7777. The Ammons Roofing family looks forward to serving you!